We are the Wandering Waffle Heads! A couple who blogs about food, travel and other things. Living in a foreign country right after marriage because of work, we decided to make this blog to help others like ourselves who were living in Japan as foreigners. My wife and I set out to take a long trip around Asia after living together in Japan for a year. It was our sort of prolonged honeymoon and we continued our blog. Hopefully you find value is our little stories

Where it started

We like to say we fell in love in New York even though we knew each other before going there. That was our first trip alone together both of us not knowing that we were venturing into a new chapter in our lives. We jumped enthusiastically onto the passenger bus bound for the big apple and it was that moment that the we caught the travel bug and have been venturing off and about ever since.   


Even before we were together we each had a thirst for travel and seeing new places. 



Together we fueled each others wanderlust even more. Now married our traveling tradition just keeps getting better.