Orochan Ramen: Get your spice on!

Looking for a spicy challenge?! Let the challenge begin! The battle is ramen!


If you find yourself in Los Angeles in the mood for something spicy on maybe a cold breezy day take your taste buds to Orochon in Japan town, LA. This place is neat little ramen shop that offers a tasty selection of ramen noodles. Orochon gives you the choice of three different soup bases for your ramen Miso, Soy Sauce and Salt after that here is where the spice begins. There are numerous levels of spicy choice for your to contemplate depending on your mood you can go for the extreme or non-spicy but if your here for a real challenge you can take the challenge and put your wits against the Orochon challenge!


The Orochon challenge consist of a humungous bowl of ramen with the hottest levels of spice that they have and not only that a time limit is given to those brave souls who take the challenge 30mins!

¥ 1,224

But victory is not without glory if you mange to get through the challenge your photo is then posted in the highest of accolade's that Orochaon has to offer on a pin board near the entrance. As you can seen Adam Richman of man vs Food is among the victors of the tear jerking challenge. Travel, Eat Snap and make those colors pop!