Chipotle chili in my chocolate?

Imagine this: Waiter "How would you like your smoked chipotle chili served sir?" Patron "In chocolate mister waiter.. In chocolate.. muahahahaha!


Yes, that situation is true, minus the evil laugh towards the waiter and minus the waiter... but! smoked chipotle chili in milk chocolate is very real! but not only that there are other nontraditional variants of chocolate enhancers that are there..


So I was minding my own business at work when a co worker comes up to me and says "hey, wanna try these new hunger games inspired chocolate bars from Wild Ophelia?" immediately I thought to myself "food?! gimme!" but I kept my composure and asked "Wild Ophelia? what's that?" then he explained to me that Wild Ophelia is a chocolate brand that infuses chocolate with non traditional flavors. He offered me three bars smoked chipotle chili, crunchy runner peanuts in peanut butter and crispy crunchy caramel corn.  But after a little research I I found out that Wild Ophelia offered more than just these flavors but dozen more like beef jerky in and bacon in chocolate. For a more competent list of their flavors visit her website.

Smoked chipotle chili in milk chocolate sounded the most exotic to me so I leaped at the chance to taste that first. At first I could only taste the chocolate and started to think all this flavor fusion with chocolate was just a marketing strategy but after a minute or so out of no where I felt the kick of that chili beating around in my mouth it was subtle but the flavor was definitely there.  

If you're into flavor fusion or a chocolate connoisseur or maybe just like to try new things Wild Ophelia wild definitely have something to offer you otherwise you might just want to stick to your favorite brand. Travel, Eat, Snap and make those colors pop!