Kinabuch Crocodile Meat. Crocodile? I ain't scared of you! I'll eat you!

After a day of sight seeing in caves beaches and boats I declare I'm hungry and tour guide playfully suggests "oh, you want some crocodile?"


Kinabuchs (translated in English as Buch's Place) is a well known tourist restaurant and a local favorite on the island of Palawan, Philippines. You'll find a packed wide outdoor dinning area every night at this delicious bustling hotspot. What draws people into this energized dinning hall is the their unique meat of choice crocodile.


I'd never had crocodile meat before so I didn't know what to expect out of it so I chose style of cooking that seemed safe what ever the croc meat texture might be. I went with Bicol Express a dish known for being spicy that usually incorporates pork as its choice of meat but I thought spicy is always a good way to go whenever eating something you've never had before.


Crocodile meat is a lot like chicken more of a gummier texture but a lot like white meat. it was surprisingly very good and I had more than I'd intended to eat because it was so good. If you never had crocodile meat before Kinabuch is a great place for a first time. Kinabuch aside from crocodile meat  you can get some island favorites like the Grilled Tanigue (fish steak).

While your on the island of Palawan be sure to eat at Kinabuchs even if your not there for the croc meat they got some pretty good food offering. Travel, Eat, Snap and make those colors pop!