Lifestyle Network launches The Green Mind and Sweet Talk

Our blog was invited to cover a press conference for two new shows for the Lifestyle Network. Fortunately I was in the Philippines at the time and was able cover the said event.

The Lifestyle Network has produced successful original programs but would still like to add two new exciting shows before the year ends. Namely: “The Green Mind” hosted by health and wellness advocate Marco Lobregat and “Sweet talk” hosted by the season 2 winner of “The Clash”, a dessert darling and a domestic diva, Cynthia Patos.

The Green Mind

We have been hearing the phrase “Living green” for quite sometime now.  But what does it really mean? How do I start? Do I have to suffer? Do I have to buy all organic (which is actually quite expensive)? Do I have to to stop eating barbeques?  These are the questions going through my very own mind.

The world is experiencing a shift in the everyday lives, with the help of social media bringing awareness to us. We are becoming more health conscious and self-aware of the decisions and how it will impact our lives.

Living green is actually more than just eating your broccoli, it is a lifestyle aimed to reduce carbon footprint by means of transportation, food and energy consumption.

The show, “The Green Mind”, offers various healthy and sustainable products and services that could be easily adapted into our everyday life. It is a show that aims to provoke insight, to get more people engaged in the green living, and to educate people how we can be kinder to the world we are living in.

What I got from the show? Going green is a mindset and it has to start from within. It is not realistic for us to drop everything. Do small things everyday in this way living green is sustainable, practical and workable.

Examples are: walk often, do a carpool with a coworkers, reduce unnecessary consumption of energy, support local farmers and companies that doesn’t exploit their workers, eating a healthy and balanced diet often with less or no meat. These are just small steps, but a step to the right direction is better than no step at all.

The Green Mind started few weeks back but new episodes airs every Wednesday at 9PM.

Sweet Talk

Sweet talk is family friendly show that will showcase easy-to make recipes, treats for your pets, gardening, and DIY projects that the whole family can enjoy.  The host, Cynthia, admits that she is a self-taught baker, which I know a lot of us can relate to. It will be interesting to see Cynthia share her personal tips and tricks to help first time bakers in doing simple yet tasty treats.

The pilot episode will feature Cynthia’s take on a crowd favorite in every state fair, the funnel cake and almond pear tart! The show will also feature a special episode on making desserts with a twist for your little ones.

Sweet talk will premiere on October 25 at 7:30 PM.

About the Hosts:

Marco Lobregat: You probably saw him in a couple of ads but this model is also a health and wellness advocate. He is one of the three young entrepreneurs that built the ministry of mushroom, a business that is anything and everything about mushroom. And now he is venturing into hosting a show that he is passionate about, and that is to have a sustainable green living lifestyle.

Cynthia Patos: A stunning beauty that holds the title of “The Great Dessert Master” fell in love with baking after all the chaos of planning a wedding was over. She started experimenting and taking a few classes to learn the basics of baking along the way. We can’t wait to see how she incorporates her Venezuelan roots to her indulgent sweet treats.

Lifestyle is a premiere cable channel that has produced successful original programs such as “Listed”, “Curiosity Got the Chef”, “Food Prints” and “A Pinch of Portia”. Lifestyle is available on channel 52 in both Sky Cable and Destiny Cable and belongs to the family of cable channels under Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI), a subsidiary of ABS-CBN.