Ufuya a Hundred Years of Experience in a Meal

Our story

To celebrate a recent victory, we decided to eat in a well-known place, a place that has been receiving good reviews for quite sometime now.  We went to Ufuya, sort of a long drive from where we stay but as usual it did not disappoint and was well worth it.

The Place

The restaurant was renovated from old Okinawan houses that are over 100 years old. Also according to their website, the folk houses is where the Ufuya’s president was actually born. Upon entering the parking lot, you might get confused where to go because the place is quite huge and has what seems to be three walkways to the entrance. It turns out the other two walkways leads you to the garden.  We came around 4 pm on a Saturday, to avoid the lunch crowd and also to take advantage of the lunch cut off which is at 5pm way cheaper than the dinner menu. The entrance is on the very left side and you have to remove your shoes just like other traditional Japanese customs. Upon entering the restaurant, the waiter asked us how many were and then proceeded to take us to our table. Our table had the most amazing view. Those pictures that you see on their website with people eating at a table right beside the waterfalls. Yes! We got the same table. Best seat in the house. We were mesmerized we couldn't believe how lucky were. After we paid for our meal, we decided to take a stroll in the garden. There is a little section in the corner of the grounds near the entrance where you can take a souvenir photos while wearing traditional Ryukyu wear with prices ranging from Y1500 up to Y2500.  The trail can take you up to the waterfalls, little resting gazebos and then to an exit next to the parking lot. Their garden consist of different kinds of flowers and tropical trees, you can spot some local limes and banana trees on your walk.  



The Food

The menu is very tourist friendly; it has English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese translations. We ordered the traditional Okinawa soba noodles and a ginger agu pork bowl. The Okinawan soba consists of thick wheat noodles that resemble udon, a slice of a sort of pork meat with bone with scallions on top, the soup tasted like pork stock made from the same pork meat topped on the noodle soup. A side order of Mozuku rice some pickled vegetables and a slice of tofu that kind of acted as the diffuser for all the different flavors. The ginger agu pork bowl had a generous slices of medium thin of pork over a bowl of white steamed rice together with a little bit of cabbage all sauteed together in ginger. It also came with a side orders of pickled vegetables, mozuku soup, salad topped with bitter melon and some stock miso soup. The food was delicious, but what we love the most is the Ufuya ball cream puff. It has a little bit of crunch on the top made of a somewhat cookie crumbs texture and what seemed to be creamy brown sugar filled cream on the inside.

The combination of great food and refreshing sound of waterfalls made our experience really wonderful. If you are celebrating like us, or for no particular reason, we highly recommend this place.


The Details

Place:         Ufuya

Address:     90 Nakayama, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture

Phone:     0980-53-0280

GPS:         26.621004 127.963691

Hours:     11am-5pm Lunch     6pm-10pm Dinner

Price:        Luch 1000yen - 1800yen Dinner 3000yen - 8000yen

Payment:     Cash Only

Parking:     Yes