Yukisio Salt Ice Cream in Kokusai Street

Another day of running a few errands down the bustling city of Naha. My husband and I parked the car  made our way towards the market and a most unusual treat tickles our curiosity as a group of elderly women snicker and laugh having a good time while blurting out the word "oishi" (meaning delicious in Japanese) repeatedly with every sprinkle of bright different colored powder on the their soft serve ice cream they had purchased from one of the many stalls that surrounded us. Taking a closer look at the bottles of "oishi" powder that they claim we read the word, salt?

Kokusai Street is the most famous street in Okinawa. It serves as a tourist attraction, a great place to experience Okinawan cuisine and last stop to buy your souvenirs for your loved ones back home.  We personally go to Kokusai Street to buy local produce and try different kinds of food. This time we found something really unique in our opinion. Different flavors of salt for your ice cream! Amazing! Yukisio (meaning snow salt) is a salt, considered to be a healthy food from Miyako Island in Okinawa. According to their website, It was also certified as β€œThe salt that contains the most variety of minerals in the world.” on August 2000 by the Guinness World Records. Yukisio Salt Ice Cream is located inside Heiwadori market but it can also be found in the main street of Kokusai.  At the left corner of their store particularly the one we visited, you can find a small soft serve vanilla ice cream shop. You can choose what kind of salt toppings you would like on the tables outside. Of course, we had to taste every single one!

List of different kind of sea salt available:

1. Hibiscus Salt

2. Pepper Salt

3. Cocoa Salt

4. Wasabi Salt

5. Japanese Lime Salt

6. Black Sesame Salt

7. Snow Salt

8. Spicy Dynamite Salt

9. Hot Pepper Salt

10. Green Tea Salt 


Verdict: Surprisingly, We love the Wasabi Sea Salt. The wasabi did not over power the ice cream, it just added a little bit of kick that complimented the vanilla soft serve ice cream.

Another experience that is truly Okinawan. If you want to experience the Sea Salt on the comfort of your own home, you can buy different flavors inside the shop for about Y500 a small bottle.


Place: Yuisio-Salt Ice Cream

Address: 3 Chome-2-60 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0013