Guide to IE Island Okinawa, Japan


The Story

The fresh ocean air running through my face as the bright blue body of water waves away as we speed through our next destination, a combination of relaxing sea life and the excitement of seeing a new island. My wife and I enjoyed our ferry ride towards the laid back island of Ie. After being disappointed the previous weekend since we missed the ferry ride towards Ie island, my wife and I tried our luck again. This time we made it in time to catch the ferry towards our destination. We planned on getting a motorized scooter or bikes once getting on the island and just go around the island ourselves and see what it had to offer. Unfortunately, my license was not good enough to ride a scooter so we opted for the bikes. My wife was a bit hesitant at first as she had only learned to ride a bike the night before but like the champ she is, she managed. That being said, we did not get around all the attractions the island had to offer but had good time none the less. After a few hours of biking and cave exploring we eventually made it to Ie beach. The beach is up to par with beautiful Okinawa beaches on the main island I could say that it's better too. Sad to say, we could not stay long as it was getting close to the time of our next ferry ride back. Changing quickly we got back on our bikes and enjoyed the ride home.

Getting to Ie Island

Accessing Ie island from the mainland of Okinawa requires you to take a ferry ride from the port town of Motobu. Depending from what part of the island you are coming from Motobu can be reached by driving your way towards Nago which is right next to Motobu town.  Once you are at Motobu Port, take the ferries Ieshima or Gusuku .  Ferry rides from Motobu to Ie Island are approximately about 30 minutes from port to port. They offer transport services for passengers, cargo and vehicles. Ferries leave from Motobu multiple times a day.   Here's a table of times they leave during the different seasons of the year. Taken from

Be weary of the times the ferry comes back and forth, missing a ferry ride could mean you'll be stuck on the island until the next day.

Ferry rides cost about 1500 yen per person round trip. The ride is actually quite pleasant and relaxing. We went during a school field trip to the island and there were a bunch of kids having a good time while on the ferry.



Getting around the Island

You have the option of renting bikes, scooters or a car. If venturing on your own is not your style there are tour buses on the island that take you around the many places to see on the island but these are only seasonal. Bike rentals can cost about 1000 yen for the entire day. You can also contact the rental shops before arriving to get prices for scooters and cars. Here's the number for Tama Rental, 098 049 5208. 


Motobu Port

Address:  Sakimotobu, Motobu, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture 905-0225

GPS: N26 38.442, E127 52.803

Ferry Price: 1500 yen round trip

Ferry leaves: 0900 , 1100 , 1500 , 1700

Ie island

Rentals: Bikes, scooters, cars

Price for rental: Bikes 1000 yen all day , contact Tama Rental, 098 049 5208 scooters and cars varry depending on type

Ferry leaves: 0800 , 1000 , 1300 , 1600

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