Gift Guide: Affordable gift ideas for travel lovers

When it comes to buying gift for someone you love this coming holiday, you want it to be personal, thoughtful or something that they just love. Of course, the ideal gift to any travel lover is an all-expense paid trip to any place that they want, given that you are that generous and you have the money to spare, but for everyday people, these simple gift ideas might do the trick.

Things you can buy

     1. Camera

Ok, it sounds expensive. But I am not talking about the high-resolution expensive cameras.  Aside from the fact that it is very expensive, people have different taste on what kind of camera they want, so trying to buy one can be quite tricky.  Travel lovers are always on some point a budding photographer, giving them options on what kind of tool they will use to capture their travels is always a good idea.


-I got this cute Diana-Mini, because my husband already had a DSLR camera and financially, I did not have the money to buy him a new DSLR or a new lens.

The Diana-Mini is a tiny but stylish analogue camera that uses a single role of 35mm film.

-Instax Camera

I got my Instax camera 4 years ago, but I still use it until now. It is a great way to have a tangible and instant souvenir of your current travel.  I just need to upgrade because my current instax mini 7 is too heavy and too big, not suitable if you want to travel light.

 Aside from the Diana-Mini, I also got him two build you own Cameras:

Lomography Konstruktor and make it  yourself Twin lens Reflex Camera.


2. View Master

Travel lovers for sure have tons of pictures that they treasure, why not give them a gift that they can see their own pictures in a different dimension? Remember the view master that we used to play with as kids? Image 3D have come up with something great and personalized. Nowadays, you can turn your own pictures into different set of reels and experience your own pictures in 3D. 

3. Personalized table coasters


The first trip that we took was in New York. So I want to do give him something special in reminder of our trip. I got him personalized coasters of all the places and its corresponding addresses that we have been in New York. But since we do not really use coasters, my husband being the DIY and display freak that he is attached magnets behind the coasters so it can be used as decorations.  They look great.

4. Portable Speaker

Listening to your favorite music while travelling is one of the best things that can happen during your travel. A lightweight and portable speaker is a great gift for music and travel lovers. Buying a speaker that can be charged using USB connection is ideal, because it means chargeable speakers anywhere with a USB to the next destination. 

Do it yourself

Who said that you have to buy your gifts? Making them doesn’t make it any less special in fact it makes it more personal because you made it with your own hands.

A. Map Artwork

Maps are simple yet underrated gift ideas for travel enthusiast. Maps are a great gift because it will easily remind them of the places they have been and places that they want to go someday. 

When my husband got his own apartment in Japan, I wanted to give him something to remind him of our trips in the US. I made cut outs of the States we have visited and put it in a frame. Simple but it got my point across.

B. Things you get from your travel

Ok, this might sound a little overwhelming. Collecting papers, maps, tickets or anything you can think of from that trip and saving it can be quite tedious. Plus, it may not get home in the right shape. That is why I only keep paper because they are easier to work with.

I made this picture frame of the things we have collected over the time we we’re travelling in the US.

C. Magnetized pictures

Travel lovers have tons of pictures that they are proud of, and I am pretty sure that sometimes they have no idea what to do with all of them. Why not turn it into magnetized small frames so they have a new way of showing it off. It can be placed in refrigerators, bookshelves or any place that can hold magnets.

How to DIY: Print pictures in small sizes, mod podge or any type of clear drying glue in into small tiles and attach small magnets at the back.

 D. Pictures in Canvass

Another way to showcase pictures of travels is to put them in a canvass. They will look unique and has it’s own character.

Another way to showcase pictures of travels is to put them in a canvass. They will look unique and has character.

How to DIY: Print pictures in canvass sizes, mod podge or any type of clear drying glue in into your canvass and attach small hooks at the back.

Thank you for reading this gift ideas for travelers guide hopefully this gave you some good ideas for your next gift!