Things to eat in Osaka : A Guide to the weird and the must try foods of Osaka

Osaka Food trip: A Guide to the Weird and the must try of Osaka that we indulged in.

1. Kushikatsu

A dish composed of various battered and deep fried food on skewers.

It involves dipping your food in sauce that does not leave the table after someone is done eating the table is cleaned but the dipping sauce remains. It sounds unhygienic but locals do and follow strict rules on how to use the sauce for your food and keep it clean for the next customer. The sauce tastes like sweet barbecue, nothing too special on our opinion but it is a new experience.

Where: Found in Shinsekai and Dotonbori

Price: Depending on what you order, it will range between Y100-Y200.

2. Grilled Scallop

The humongous shellfish is a common sight in the streets of Osaka. Grilled with butter, garlic, green onions and soy sauce, it is best enjoyed with a side of Orion.

Where: Found in the streets of Dotonbori and almost every market in Osaka.

Price: Depends on where you are, it will range between Y500 to Y600.

3. Takoyaki

A famous ball shaped Japanese Snack originated from this part of Japan. It is typically filled with diced or minced octopus, green onions, ginger and topped with squid flakes. Typically, it is brushed with takoyaki sauce and drizzled with mayonnaise. But here in Osaka, different varieties of this dish can be found. You can have it with different kinds of sauces, toppings,  fried (which is my personal favorite) or even have a whole baby octopus inside!

Where: Anywhere and everywhere. from the streets of Japan to the supermarkets inside the malls.

Price: Usually Y500 for the simplest dish.

4. Flavored Soda

We have been living in Japan for almost 2 years now, but we have never seen this kind of flavor before. I guess, you can always find something weird in Japan no matter how long you are living here.  

Chili Garlic and Takoyaki Flavor! At first, we thought it was some kind of sauce but then we realized that it was inside a cold compartment with other kinds of soda. We just had to give it a try.

Verdict: Chili Garlic- It feels like you are drinking some kind of refreshing garlic. Totally weird in our opinion.

Takoyaki flavor- Surprisingly, it was good. It still feels like you are drinking a soda with a very little hint of takoyaki. I would buy this again.

Where: Stores inside Dotonbori.

Price: Y115

5. Horai 551

The famous buns of Osaka! The dough is moist, fluffy and filled with packed pork filling. Every bite is full taste of the filling inside. One of the best pork buns we ever had. Do yourself a favor and get one while in Osaka, this delicious snack is not available in some parts of japan.

Where: Allover Osaka but the easiest one you can find is inside Hankyu Metroline beside JR Osaka Station also some parts of Tokyo.

Price: Y340 for 2 pieces

6. Kama Toro - Grilled Tuna Jaw


Probably the cheapest and best worth for your yen dish we had in Osaka. It was fatty, juicy, fresh and grilled just right to perfection. With a sweet barbecue sauce and cheap price, this dish was the best.

Where: Kuromon Market

Price: Y500

7. Takotamago


A baby octopus with quail eggs inside its head. What?? Let me just say, only in Japan.

It sounds weird and unappealing but once you get past the idea it is actually not that bad. The Octopus seemed boiled and then grilled after to give it a very soft and easy to chew snack. It is then dipped in barbecue sauce and put on skewers.

Where: Kuromon Market

Price: Y300 per piece

8. Sashimi


Probably one of the freshest and tastiest sashimi we had while here in Japan. The fish on one piece was so generous, it looks like it should be in 2 serving instead of one.

Where: All over Osaka, but our favorite was the one in Kuromon Market.

Price: Y980 for 4 large pieces

Bonus: If you hear shouting and bells ringing, it means that they are cutting fresh fish. You can actually see how the sashimi is being prepared fresh from catch.

10.  Strawberry

Before you say, that it was just strawberries, you can find it anywhere in the world. Let me just say that it was really big, sweet and juicy. Just try it for yourself to see the difference.

Where: Wet markets or supermarkets

Price: Begins at Y500

11. Grilled Crab Fat

Osaka famous for the huge mechanized crab outside its restaurants, you must certainly cannot leave Osaka without trying their famous crab.

Because of their price, we simply cannot afford the full course meal but opted to try different dishes instead. Our favorite was the fat crab that you will grill on your table. It was delicious!

Where: Dotonbori

Price: Y500

Osaka has a colorful and vibrant food scene and these are a only a few items that might interest you but Osaka there is so much more too eat out there happy eating!