Restaurant Review: Funnside Ningnangan Guiguinto Bulacan

It was around 6:00 PM on a Tuesday night when we decided to go to Bulacan and eat to our heart’s content. One of our friends has already been there and we heard good reviews so we decided to give it a try too.


Funnside Ningnangan is located in Guiguinto Bulacan, near Tabang exit. There is a huge sign on the left side so it will be hard to miss. We arrived around 7 PM and the whole place was packed. Tuesday night and it was packed? So I immediately thought we must be in for something delicious! If you have been to Macapagal Boulevard, then I am sure you are familiar with buying fresh seafood from the fresh market then have a certain restaurant cook it for you the way you like it. “Paluto” is what us Filipinos call it directly translated into “getting something cooked”.

The difference of Funnside Ningningan versus other “Dampa or Paluto”:

  1. Fresh seafood is in the middle of the restaurant. You have to get a tray fill it up with whatever food you want. Unlike in other places, where you have to shop at different stalls to get your food then go choose a restaurant that you want to cook the food for you.

  2. Pork and other meat are available as well on the table.  Example: Pata (pigs legs), Chicharon Bulaklak (pork rinds) and Lechon (roasted pork).  They will be cooked and served according to your preference.

  3. They have a digital weighing scale and computer set up. Unlike other “paluto” places where everything is in a written receipt, this one is digital and you can see exactly the grams and equivalent prices.

  4. Because the fresh market and restaurant is one. You can’t exactly bargain for the price of your fresh items all prices are set.

  5. You can see your food being grilled. There is a large grill beside the little fresh market in the middle where you can witness the whole cooking process..

What we ordered:

Tuna head and Belly – Sinigang sa Miso                      Crabs – Buttered

Crablets and Chicharon Bulaklak – Fried                     Green Mangoes –Ensalada

Stuffed Squid – Grilled                                                    Ripe Mangoes

Shrimp – Spicy Garlic                                                      Total: P4539.00

The place is huge. I think the front alone, can accommodate 100 people. They have a dining area at the back that has a huge projector so you can watch something while eating. They also have a huge parking area so you won’t have a problem even if the place is packed.


In conclusion, the food was delicious but some items are a little bit over priced like the crabs. We ordered more than what we can eat so ended up taking home a lot of leftovers. We will definitely comeback if we are around the area but we will surely keep our orders to a minimum.