How to sell in a thrift store in Japan via Manga Souku

Your clock hits 12 AM and it is now officially 2016! A new year, a new beginning  and it just gives you something to look to forward to.  Unfortunately, New Year also means it is time to sort out your stuff and throw whatever you don’t need/want/use anymore.  I know it is exhausting and tedious, but it is something that we all need to do.  In our case, we also need to throw away most of the stuff that we don’t use anymore because we are leaving Japan really soon and we are embarking on an extended trip with only our backpacks to carry. Which means that if it will not fit in our backpack, it needs to go. We have been giving away and selling our stuff on line for the past 2 months, most of it is gone, but we still have few pieces we need to discard.  

Japan is extremely amazing and we feel very fortunate to be able to live here but it can also be expensive even with junk. Unlike other countries where you can just let your weekly garbage man take care of your junk, in Japan it is quite different.  You will have to find and pay a company or trash collector to get rid of your stuff. Depending on the size and weight, it could range from Y200-Y5000.  We are trying to get even a little bit of money out of our stuff so paying someone to get rid of our things kinds of defeats the purpose. So Manga Souku came into our minds. It was our last option because we know that they buy things on a very low price, but it was the better option for us.

Manga Souku is a second hand store that has almost everything that you can think of from video games to household appliances and cheap candies. Whatever you need, chances are you can find it in Manga souku or something similar to what you want.

Here is a quick guide on how to sell your products in Manga Souku:

1. Group the things that you want to sell and check your labels.

  • Manga Souku will buy American brands on higher prices.

  • Check if you have tears or stains or anything that you can fix easily. It will make your things more valuable.

2. Go to the counter and present your ID.

  • The staff will make a photocopy of your ID and hand you a form that you need to fill out.

  • The staff will now collect your things and hand you a number.

  • They will post and call your number when they are done evaluating your things.


3. Go to the collecting counter and see how much they offer.

  • A staff member will explain your receipt.

  • If they see a brand that they know, they will list it differently. Otherwise, it will be included in a group. (Examples clothes, shoes and bags)

  • They will also list if certain items have defects, like sole worn out to explain why they are buying the item on extremely low price.

4. Negotiate or if you find the pricing fair, you can now sign your form and take your money.

  • Most of our stuff is almost 2 years old and not branded, so we did not really negotiate.

Here is a list of things we sold to Manga Souku to give an idea.


1 rubber shoes (Nike)

2 slippers (No Brand)

1 shoes (Vans)

2 High heels (1 Nine west, 1 No brand)

3 Boots ( 2 Aldo, 1 No Brand)

2 foot protector


2 Board shorts (billabong)

4 Male Shorts ( 2 Hollister, 2 No Brand)

5 Male Tanktop (Old Navy)

2 Polo Shirts (No Brand)

6 Tshirts (Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, American eagle)

1 Motorbike Jacket (No Brand)

3 Long sleeves (No Brand)

4 Female T-shirt (Zara, Gap, 2 No Brand)

1 Dress (No Brand)

1 Tights (Gap)


     2 scarves (No Brand)

1 Hat (No Brand)

3 Sports Bra (XoXo)

1 Head pillow

Total Sale: Y1450