Back packing essentials: My top items to pack for traveling

One of the most daunting tasks for people before going on a trip is the idea of packing. People are overwhelmed by the act of trying to figure out what to bring or what not to bring. If your not used to traveling you may think to yourself to over pack just in case the situation calls for it then that usually leads you to bring the most ridiculous items you really don't need on a trip. When it all come down to it people have different preferences and priorities when it comes to packing. So as an attempt to maybe help you out for your next packing trip let me share my essential items when going out on a weekend.

1. Clothes
Needless to your are going to need a change of clothes when ever you travel depending on how much that is up to how long you will be gone. Now, this article only address being gone for a 4 day weekend to the max if you'll be gone longer I have a totally different approach fo clothes to bring. Now, also keep in mind the weather that you will be dealing with this section of the article revolves around going out for a weekend in a warmer climate if you will be going somewhere cooler you might what to bring more than these bare essentials.So, let's begin with the clothes a rule of thumb for me is to go one up on the number of days. For example if you'll be gone 3 days I would bring 4 shirts 4 pieces of underwear just to keep me going in case I am need of an extra shirt etc. The reason for this is because 3-4 days is to short of a time to do laundry while your gone so having that extra shirt could save you the embarrassment of having to walk around with a dirty shirt when you spilled coffee on it during breakfast or what ever the case maybe. Now for shorts and pants I usually stick with just the number of days I'll be gone. For example for a 3 day trip I'd bring 3 pairs of shorts. Shorts and pants are not as easy to stain and get dirty like shirts so you can double up on days if need be. I also rather prefer shorts to pants as they less material and lighter meaning easier to pack.

2.All around adventure shoes
This one is actually new for me I usually don't wear shoes and just rock flip flops everywhere but recently I've been finding my self in situations where I can't do a certain activity because of my chosen foot wear. To avoid this I decided to get a pair of shoes that are light and will let me enjoy any activity where shoes would be required. Stick with low cut light breezy running shoes or anything that can withstand the outdoors leave your hi cut bulky kicks for a different time. If you really want to bring flip flops pack those into your bag rather than the shoes again less material and lighter meaning easier to pack.

3.Water bottle
During my travels I realized that water is sometimes scarce and when you do find water it's a longs ways before you can find water again. Plus buying water every stop of the way can get a bit pricey because of all this I decided to start bringing my own reusable water bottle and it has paid of tremendously. Gone are the days where I have to ask a flight attendant to bring me water 7 times because all they will give me is a dinky cup half way filled only worth a gulp of water. Just pre fill your bottle whenever you have a water source and you'll always be ready. Remember when flying to dump your water out before you pass by an X-ray security check liquids are usually not allowed after that find a water fountain in the terminal and fill up again.

You need something while you're on that 15 hour bus ride or 4 hour plane trip to your dream destination. Sleeping can be one of the best ways to past the time but let's face it sometimes we just can't sleep because of all the excitement. To combat the sense of boredom bring something with you to past the time. A book is an excellent choice but my weapon of choice to defeat boredom is a portable gaming console. Something small enough that won't take up to much space and do not forget to pair it with a headset or earphones just because your having fun with your games doesn't mean you have annoy everybody with that ding sound every time Mario catches a coin.

5.Recording tools
So as a blogger/vlogger it's very important to me that I document my travels and capture as much rich content that I can for my work. My tools are a cellphone, notebook, laptop and cameras. I know a few might be wondering it's the 21st century why bring a notebook? Well situations will arise where you've exhausted your devices batteries and the day isn't over yet. So to compensate for that age old technique of actually writing down on paper is still an effective way to keep track of all you've done.


As a curious street walker and skater I love bringing a small skateboard with me to cruise around a city. I know this won't really be a priority for other people so that's why it's the non essential list. There's nothing like cruising around an unknown city discovering things at every corner. Walking is great! but sometimes you just want to go a little faster. Something small enough to hold onto or fit in a bag would be best.

7.Separating bags
I learned about a company making individual smaller packets to organize your back pack which I thought was amazing but being the cheapskate that I am I also thought to myself I can I just use my own bags and not have to pay $50 for something I can improvise with. So I did just that, I had a bunch of cloth packs lying around the house and started using them to organize my stuff better in my back pack and it works like charm! Old unused Crown Royal pouches have been really good so far try to have different colors so it;s easier to differentiate what you're looking for. Tip: you could also used zipped lock bags.

So that's it my list of stuff I have in my pack hopefully this helps you out with your packing don't worry too much about bring too much the heavier the pack the less you'll enjoy yourself. What about toileties you might ask? I usually don't bring any and just buy what I need at local store since they are so cheap. Thanks for reading everyone and a special thanks to my bag sponsors! LOL Thank you Okinawa friends for he two Under armor back packs you gave us they're pretty light weight and can pack a surprising lot of items. Thanks!