Must see places in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte Philippines

Northern Bound Pagudpud Tour


1. Kabigan Waterfalls

- The 112 feet high waterfalls can be easily reached within a 30 minutes trek in the 1.5 km scenic route. After paying the appropriate fees, a tour guide will be assigned to your group. The trail to Kabigan Falls is an easy walk. There are food stalls that offer empanada and drinks available on the side of the road just in case you need to rest or just want to hang out and admire the river and rice fields.


Fees: P10 entrance fee.

Tour guide: P100 minimum of 5 persons.

Empanada: P40 each. In our opinion, after tasting different empanadas all over Ilocos, Kabigan waterfalls empanada is our favorite. It might have something to do with the way they cook the egg inside the empanada, it is still a little bit runny which gives the empanada extra flavor.

2. Patapat Viaduct

- One of the many projects of President Marcos in his hometown. The white winding bridge is the fourth longest bridge in the country. It extends up to 1.3 kilometers long and connects the Maharlika Highway from Laoag to Cagayan Valley Region. The breath taking view is a popular stop for tourist, so expect cars, vans and even tricycles parked at the side of the road.


3. Bantay Abot Cave

– The trail that leads to the cave consisted of unforgiving wind and slippery rocks. Upon reaching the cave, we realize that it is not actually a cave. The cave looks more like a hole than a cave. The kids playing around offered to take our pictures and even suggested different poses, but due to the strong wind we did not stay long enough to take a great deal of pictures.


4. Blue Lagoon

– The beach is famous for its white sand and different water activities. The most famous resort in blue lagoon is the Hannah’s Resort. You can pay the entrance fee if you want to use their pools or just stroll around to see the inside of the resort. The resort is also famous because it has the longest zipline above seawater in the Philippines. Riding the zipline was included in our itinerary, but because of poor weather and strong wind we decided against it.

Southern Bound Pagudpud Tour

1. Bangui Windmills

– You can never miss the enormous blades of Bangui. My eyes grew bigger as we slowly approached the beach, we knew that they are high but getting up close and personal is a totally different story, they are astounding. The windmills are colossal in size and I feel like I am in a movie and the towering giants would transform into something else! I know, I watch too many Sci-Fi movies and I sound totally weird.  

The 20 units windmills are arranged on a single row stretching along 9 kilometer facing the beach of Bangui. The windmills contribute and generate up to 50% of clean and renewable power supply to Ilocos Norte Region.  


2. Kapurpurawan Rock Formations

– Located at Burgos, Ilocos Norte, the impressive white limestone formations is a must see when you visit Ilocos.  The famous rock can be easily reached with cemented pathway but if you don’t feel like walking, riding a horse is an enjoyable alternative. Before reaching the rock formations a statue of Lam-Ang fighting a crocodile can be seen. It says that he fought the crocodile and turned the teeth into travel amulets with the help of his younger sisters.

2. Cape Bojeador Light house

– The 66 feet tall Spanish colonial styled lighthouse built in 1892 provides a good view of the West Philippines Sea. Entrance to the lighthouse can be seen near the parking lot. Climb the concrete stairs leading to the museum where artifacts and old equipment can be appreciated.