Japanese Food Okonomiyaki at Home


It has been a few years since my wife and I moved from Japan so from time to time we crave a little Japanese comfort food. So, today we’ve decided to make Japanese food at home, with an easy Okonomiyaki recipe!

What is Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish made of flour and cabbage. It is similar to a pancake in the sense of making a batter then frying it but Okonomiyaki adds cabbage, meats, seafood etc. and depending on from what region in Japan you’re making them even noodles can be added. We’ll be making the non noodles one don’t worry it’s really easy.

Okonomiyaki Ingredients

  • Shrimp 1/2 CUP

  • Bacon 5 STRIPS

  • Cabbage 1/4 piece

  • Flour 2 CUPS

  • Eggs 2 EGGS

  • Water 1.5 CUPS

  • Green Onions 1 Stem

  • Sliced Onion 1/4 piece

  • Cooking Oil 3 TBS

  • Tonkatsu Sauce

  • Kewpie Mayonnaise

  • Bonito Flakes

If you can’t find the Tonkatsu Sauce, Kewpie Mayonnaise or Bonito Flakes at your grocery try an Asian market if you don’t have access to one I’ve added links here where you can order them online. Just click on the buttons below.

How to make Okonomiyaki at home

  1. Shred your cabbage into strips and peel off the head and shells of the shrimp. Slice bacon into smaller pieces. Chop green onions. Set aside.

  2. Add flour, eggs and water into a mixing bowl and mix together until you have a batter.

  3. Add onions, green onions, shredded cabbage, shrimp and bacon into the bowl then mix gently into the batter.

  4. Heat a pan on low heat and add cooking oil.

  5. When oil starts to bubble add 1 cup of Okonomiyaki batter into the center of the pan.

  6. Fry for about 5 minutes or until lower half is thoroughly cooked. As if you were cooking a pancake flip over to cook the other side. Fry until bacon and shrimp is cooked.

  7. Remove from pan and serve on a plate drizzle Tonkatsu sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise on top.

  8. Add as much Bonito flakes as you like and enjoy!

Here’s a video on how to make Okonomiyaki, the only difference is that in the video it cooked the bacon and the shrimp first. You can skip that part since it will all cook when you fry the Okonomiyaki.

BONUS video you might like!

Here’s a video we made in Tokyo when we visited an Okonomiyaki restaurant.

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