Scams and Rip offs | Thailand | Travel Vlogger

Making our way to Phuket from Krabi we booked a ticket from a side of the ticket agency for our Thailand Land travel. We rode a mini van was picked up at our hostel and life was good. A few hours into the trip the passengers including my wife and I started to noticed that the trip was getting longer than expected. The van driver who was driving furiously into the rain had to make sudden stops as it seemed like he was also delivering items to different addresses. We were then brought to a sort of "terminal" where we were told that we needed to wait for the next van about 30 -40 minutes later we were herded together like sheep back into a mini van which was or so we though bound for Phuket. Another few hours later the stopped at what seemed to be a travel agency telling we needed to book a taxi with them to get to Phuket town. Confused our fellow passengers and ourselves refused to book any taxis and proceeded to board the van again. A bit irritated that no one booked an overpriced taxi with the agency the van driver sped off again furiously. Still very confused on what was going on we spoke among ourselves trying to figure out where we were being taken. About an hour later the van pulls into a hotel drive way and the driver tells us to get as this is the end of the line. We climbed out and found ourselves in Patong Beach an area completely on the other side of the peninsula. Frustrated we left and looked for local transportation to try and get to our next destination. After asking around the Police instructed us that a bus would pass by on its way to Phuket town. After 40 minutes of waiting tuktuk drivers informed us that no buses would be coming. Buses stop operations after  6PM. After hunting for a wifi connection we confirmed that buses in fact stop operation at 6 PM. One of the tuktuk drivers offered us a lower price to get to Rawai beach the place that we would be staying at for the night. Feeling disappointed of how unreliable our van was getting here we accepted his offer and made our way to the beach house.

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