Hurry up and jump off the water fall so we can serve lunch!

A hidden gem in the Tagaytay, Philippines is Balite Falls a perfect place for a tranquil picnic and checking if you've got the balls to jump off a waterfall.


On a hot summer day what could be better than having a little barbecue picnic and sipping down some cool drinks? Having a little barbecue picnic sipping down cool drinks and having the option to jump into a cool spring from a 25 foot plus height! Balite Falls Tagaytay is an off road destination that takes you to picnic paradise that allows you to do just that. Before lunch is served get an adrenaline rush from jumping off a waterfall and build a appetite wile you wait for your picnic to be ready.  

My buddies and I love going to this place and we often set a the grill and start a "budol fight" type of picnic for lunch. "Budol fight" is a picnic set up where food is laid out on banana leaves and you use your hands to eat.   


If your ever in the area around Tagaytay Philippines and are trying to escape the hustle bustle of the city. Go  and enjoy a picnic and spend some recreational swimming at Balite Falls for a small fee you'll have a complete set up of tables cottages and an on site grill. This is one my favorite places in the world. Travel Eat Snap and make those colors pop!