Pier 39 San Francisco A Little Slice of Foodie Heaven

I get a chance to stay in San Francisco again for a few hours and this time I pursue a place that eluded me last I visited Pier 39.


Pier 39 in San Francisco is a delight to be in if your a foodie traveler and just love seeing food everywhere. There are many delicious food offerings to indulge yourself to name a few freshly fried donuts, crepes, funnel cakes and the ever popular clam chowder. Sights include a view of San Francisco's bay area, windows with cooks making their signature treats right before your very eyes, rows of shops selling San Francisco trinkets hoodies shirts you name it and shows that help you pass the time on a leisurely visit.

Pier 39 is definitely a must experience when ever you're in the San Francisco get your fill on food, entertainment and souvenirs for your "sanfo" trip. Travel, Eat, Snap and make those colors pop.