Flying Eva Air? say "Hello, Kitty!"

I travel to South East Asia and to my amazement I am bombarded by Hello Kitty everything! And if your wondering oh yes, even the toilet paper. 


It's my first time to  ever fly on Eva Air and I have no idea what country they represent no biggie there's a first for everything. So Eva Air is a Taiwanese Airlines that have multiple connecting flights through out Asia and Europe from there Taiwan base of operations. Eva Air's got some pretty nice accommodations and enough tablet applications that are located right above your tray table to keep you busy for a few hours. But what struck me the most was the amount of Sanrio Hello Kitty promotion they had on board. 

and it didn't stop at the plane once your in the airport welcome to Travel Around the World Sanrio.

If ever you get the chance to fly Eva Air make sure you'll be able to take in all this hello kitty madness otherwise you'll probably be getting an overdose of more than you can handle. Travel, Eat, Snap and make those colors pop!