Crabby patty in Okinawa! Ahoy!

The Real Crabby Patty!

Ever wondered what a real crabby patty would be like? No, we're not talking about those burgers made of who knows what in the Spongebob cartoons, we're talking about a whole crab between two burger buns waiting to be devoured! No? yeah we never really thought of it either until we came across one!

We love finding new places to eat especially those ones you find off the beaten path. So, there has been this little shack in the corner of an intersection we usually pass by that had peeked our interests a few times but never really thought twice about, until one day our curiosity  got the better of us and we're glad it did. 

According to the menu it is a soft shell crab which we guess explains why you can eat the shell and all. It appears to be deep fried then fixed up like a traditional american burger complete with the works cheese, tartar sauce, crunchy Asian lettuce and fries.

 It goes for about 1000 yen in a quaint little beach looking shack where you order from a "choose and pay vending machine", popular in Japan. So all you need to do is find the picture of the crab burger and press the button to purchase after paying. The menu is composed of a lot of seafood dishes and some Okinawan favorites like soba etc. If you are in the mood for something a little different and are adventurous enough I highly recommend checking out this particular crab burger.


Price: about ¥1000
GPS Coordinates: 26.324418 127.753698
Parking: Yes "but the place is actually within a small fenced port which you can gain access easily by follow the fence to an opening"